Hours Hours

Hours Hours, is a site-specific installation and series of durational performances, exploring invisible feminine labor, memory and power dynamics. The protagonist, Noname, is an avatar, who constructs and inhabits spaces and objects, through which she occupies a territory of futile, repetitive and absurd routines, gestures, rituals and conditioning.

Project Presentation:

Hours Hours
East Hall Gallery
Pratt Fine Arts Studio Summer Residency
July 2019
Pratt Institute’s Fine Arts Department
Pratt Institute
200 Willoughby Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11205

Hours Hours, 2019, found objects, acrylic, canvas, fabrics, chair, toys, performance, 20 mins, 12 hrs, Pratt Institute, photos: Alex Sullivan

Hours Hours, 2019, 13 mins, filmed at Pratt Institute Fine Art Department Studio Residency