Temporary Habitat
UPROOT Group Exhibition
Curated by Gabriel De Guzman
November 17 - December 31 2017
Smack Mellon
92 Plymouth St,
Brooklyn, NY 11201
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"Temporary Habitat" is a site-responsive installation, which explores ideas of displacement, home, immigration, memory and alienation through the mix of found objects, video and participatory performance. Acting as a DIY impermanent shelter, created from found and collected objects, both from outdoors and indoors tenancy environments, “Temporary Habitat” invites visitors to enter the site, lie or sit down, watch videos, read books and converse with the “inhabitant”, occasionally present on site in a participatory durational action. 

Stemming from the artist’s personal biography of constant migration and travel, from Ukraine to Australia to Europe and eventually to USA, the work deals with the current state of global crisis of refugees and immigration. The two TV monitors in the installation present different aspects of migratory and uprooting movement, from performance for video of “The Inhabitant”, in which the artist re-enacts a family
story in the studio environment, in which the protagonist throws and wraps discarded clothing and bedding around their body to keep warm and comfortable, to the portable hand-held-TV, which displays the set-up proceedings of the shelter on site. "The Inhabitant", acting as a record keeper, activates the installation continuously, employing process as a constant, making it a comforting, if temporal home.

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The Inhabitant, 2017, 20 mins