Theater of the Mundane

Theater of the Mundane is a site-specific multi-media performative installation and during MAD - Museum of Arts and Design Studio Residency Program, exploring the absurdity of the human condition through sculpture, assemblage, painting, costume, video and performance. Examining society’s brutally intoxicating consumerism and overwhelmingly unbridled desire for material possessions, as a symptom of extreme alienation and isolation, Theater of the Mundane deconstructs and devours the artist's own past artworks, metabolizing it's parts, intending to highlight eternal human longing for connection, festering behind and underneath the polite facade of shopping malls, industrial debris and digital worlds.

Theater of the Mundane live performances featuring Katya Grokhovsky, Alice Pirie, Katie Hector, Christine Cimpian and Alex Sullivan at Chashama and Sierra Ortega and Angeli Sion at MAD Museum, explore the human condition and effects of greed and overconsumption while interacting with objects, video, sound, each other, and the audience, highlighting themes of urban alienation, isolation, migrant female labor and longing.

Project Presentations:

Chashama space to present
September 14-30th 2018
Performance: September 21st, 2018
273 Bleecker st,
New York, NY 10014

MAD - Museum of Arts and Design
Performance: Thursday, April 26, 2018
Residency: February - May 2018

Jerome and Simona Chazen Building
2 Columbus Circle , New York, NY 10019

Art Spie

Theater of the Mundane, 2018, Performance, 45 mins, performers: Katya Grokhovsky, Christine Cimpian, katie Hector, Alison Pirie, Alex Sullivan, Chashama, NYC. photos: Walter Wlodarczyk

Theater of the Mundane, 2018, Chashama, NYC. photos: Walter Wlodarczyk

Mythical Beings, 2018, 2 min excerpt

Theater of the Mundane, 2018, Performance, 30 mins, performers: Katya Grokhovsky, Sierra Ortega, Angeli Sion, MAD Museum of Arts and Design, NYC. photos: Walter Wlodarczyk