The Future is Bright

"The Future is Bright" is a multi-media project, which explores disillusion, migration, identity, re-discovery and the failed utopian promise of ideology through the artist's family’s history. Focusing around the narrative of the character of Grokhovsky's 93 year old only surviving grandmother, a veteran of World War II, serving in the battle of Stalingrad, where she was stationed in a military hospital, whose father went missing in action during the war, whose grandfather, a rabbi, was shot alongside his wife in a town square in Ukraine, leaving 11 children behind and who, together with Katya's parents and herself migrated to Australia in 1992. The project investigates formation and de-construction of migrant self through an extraordinary story of survival, humanity and legacy. “The Future is Bright” marks a new ongoing search, a thorough artistic investigation of Grokhovsky's identity through her family’s history and lineage. Revealing layers of her Jewish Russian grandmothers’ story, who has had a vibrant and fascinating life, and has remained a pillar of matriarchal resilience, despite living through several tragedies and failures of the ideology she passionately believed in, Grokhovsky hopes to find new meaning of her own strength, hopes, abilities and future as an immigrant.

Project Presentations:

Katya Grokhovsky, "The Future is Bright (in progress)"
Entrée/Encore Presents
May 19th 2017
NARS Foundation

201 46th St,
Brooklyn, NY 11220
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"Nobody Builds Walls Better Than Me”
"I am/I will (The Future is Bright)" Live Performance
Curated by Lital Dotan
April 19th 2017
Grace Exhibition Space

840 Broadway,
Brooklyn, NY 11206
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This project is supported by Asylm Arts Small Grant

The Future is Bright, 2017, 8:011 mins