Katya Grokhovsky: System Failure
February 14th - April 10th 2018
Performances: March 14th, April 10th, 2018
Martin Art Gallery
Baker Center for the Arts

Muhlenberg College
Allentown PA
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"System Failure" is a solo exhibition which explores the complexities of failing patriarchal regime through immersive site-specific sculptural installation, video and performance. The exhibition investigates power and labor hierarchies that are the result of systemic oppression, greed and overconsumption. Against a backdrop of post-industrial debris, the invisible, absurd, grotesque and difficult aspects of contemporary female experience are explored.  System Failure acts as a lens that examines social norms through the politics of protest, whilst employing analysis, experimentation and exposure. Exploring the daily battlefields of domesticity, relationships, desire, anxiety, ambition and failure in the capitalist society, the exhibition offers a deconditioned and decolonized vision, through a feminist perspective.

The Morning Call

System Failure, performance, 2018, photos Tom Amico for Muhlenberg College

System Failure, performance, 2018, photos: Walter Wlodarczyk