My practice encompasses several mediums, including installation, performance, sculpture, video, painting and drawing, which I employ to explore ideas of gender and migrant identity construction, alienation, labor and the self. I collect found and discarded objects and materials, which I assemble, deconstruct and collage in combination with paint, plaster, resin, embroidery, papier mache, video, drawing and performance.

Through research and autobiographical experience, I create and construct characters, underscoring study of stereotypes, assumptions, oppression, prejudices and injustice. I am interested in researching the histories of beauty and aesthetics, whilst enacting the bodies of the historically oppressed, in relation to the preconceived social order. Many of my projects deal with the liminal space of protest and freedom through failure, via radical and humorous actions, personas and costume: reclaiming the body through pleasure, chaos and refusal.

I stage post-performance ephemera and props as evidence of an occurred event positioned inside immersive installation environments, which I inhabit as a performer, building new worlds and utopias. My process is circular, from research to drawing, collage and painting, to sculptural performative objects, with which I perform for video and photo, culminating in a site-responsive installation, thus completing a cycle.

The work explores politics of defiance to the prescribed societal idea of femininity and gender roles, through investigation of the vulnerable, the unstable, the emotional, the passionate, the hysterical and attempts to highlight and discredit politically correct capitalist and oppressive patriarchal construct of contemporary womanhood through the feminist lenz.