Pleasure Principle

Pleasure Principle considers the idea of pleasure as the driving force behind identity and human actions through an accumulative site-specific sculpture and performance installation. Conceptualized by Freud in psychoanalysis, the seeking of pleasure permeates our deep subconscious as the springboard for personality development and daily decision making. The making of objects, the handling of their materiality, the act of careful placement, cumulatively transmit the pleasure of creation within a contained environment, questioning the instinctual impulses, desires and needs to control them.

Project Presentation:

Katya Grokhovsky: Pleasure Principle
+/- Project Space
January 7 – February 1, 2016
Soho20 Gallery
Brooklyn, NY

Pleasure Principle, 2016, Soho20 Gallery, +/- Project Space2016, photo: Debbie Rasiel